"Modern Electro-Pop"

Kemelion a.k.a. Cihan Ozaman


You are driving on an unsurfaced road along the shores of San Francisco. You are looking at yourself in the rearview mirror of your rusty Cadillac while straightening out your sunglasses and the collar of your used black leather jacket. The light of the big red moon is reflecting at the disco ball, which oscillates back and forth at the rearview mirror. On the back seat, there are your old roller-skates and between all that stuff you find a tape of Kemelion. Who is Kemelion, you ask yourself? Insert the cassette tape, travel back like Marty to the year 1985 and find it out.

Kemelion - Producer, Singer & Songwriter Producer. He resides in Stuttgart, Germany. His Debut-EP “Plastic Society” was released on 12th April 2019.

He combines oriental beats with groovy bass lines that are beating through the melodic walls of the synthesizers. On top you hear guitar licks with different funk & pop influences. His striking voice complements the 27-year-old with huge choirs and harmonies. He describes his own musical genre as “Modern Electro Pop”. Kemelion does not hide behind his music. He becomes one with it.

In March 2018, Kemelion had applied for the nationwide band promotion Play Live. Against 60 artists, Kemelion made it through live performances to the last top 4. In December 2018, the final took place at the Scala in Ludwigsburg where he convinced the jury again and earned a slot at the SEMF 2019 (Stuttgart Electronic Music Festival).


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